The Courage to Rest

Mercury is in retrograde (not a pretty picture for Virgos, such as myself) – all of my horoscopes have said to slow down and rest, yes, I read my horoscope and partially buy into it. I haven’t had a day off all month, and on top of not getting enough sleep some really major events have left me emotionally drained, hurt, confused, and in need of some healing time. Tuesday, due to some cancellations I was left with a wide open day, my first teaching obligation wasn’t until 7:00pm! I slept in until 8:45am and immediately started planning the yoga classes I was going to take, the errands I was going to run, and the random odds and ends around the apartment I was going to tend to. By 10:00am I was exhausted and not feeling well. After a lot of hesitation I made an unheard of decision for myself…I decided to spend the day doing nothing until it was time to teach. I laid on the couch reading and drinking tea, I  watched absolute junk of Hulu and Netflix, I took a nap,  I played with the cat, I did a whole lot of nothing. It was exactly what I needed.

Wednesday morning I took a yoga class and before savasana (the final resting pose, also known as corpse pose) the teacher said, “Have the courage to rest.” I often tell my students it takes more strength and courage to back off and take a break then to push through. And yet, I rarely have the courage to let myself rest. While I allowed myself to rest Tuesday, I tried to push too hard yesterday and today, but I was met with unexpected road blocks and distractions that I now realize were the universe’s way of telling me to, “Back off! Rest!” I have been exhausted beyond anything I can remember in recent history and I realize now that it is my body’s way of telling me to, “Back off! Rest!”

And so, I invite you, as much as I invite myself, to have the courage to rest.


About DjunaPassman

I practice and teach yoga. I attempt to carry what I learn on my mat and through my students into the real world. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am grumpy and less than kind. I started life as a dancer, moved on to choreographing, worked as a dance/movement therapist, then realized the wonders of a regular yoga practice. I am a realist - whether the glass is half full or half empty you are bound to spill its contents if you are wearing white (this is why I wear black so often). I am not an expert on yoga, life, or anything else for that matter. I do my best to keep my mind and my heart open every day (some days are better than others).
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