Something I have been working on, and struggling with, is fully accepting people just as they are. Just because something works for me, does not mean it will work for everyone else. Just because I do not like or agree with what someone else is choosing does not mean that it is wrong, it is simply different. I do not have to agree with everyone, but I do have to respect them. It is not my place to judge the paths others have chosen or found themselves on. I especially struggle with this when people I care about are suffering. I want to fix things. However, sometimes we have to simply be with the person through his or her suffering. Trying to fix or change things is a form of judging, of saying, “What you are doing is not right, let me tell you what is right and wrong.” That is not helpful, especially if someone is having a hard time. It is my job to sit with my own discomfort and question my objections to what others are, or are not, doing. It is not my job to judge their paths.

I recently watched Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home (you can watch it free on hulu or on Netflix). One man featured in this documentary speaks about loving and accepting a woman, also featured in the film, just as she is, despite the fact that he thinks some of what she does is totally crazy and he doesn’t get it. There was something so authentic and beautiful about their love for each other. And his message was so clear, love and accept others just as they are.



About DjunaPassman

I practice and teach yoga. I attempt to carry what I learn on my mat and through my students into the real world. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am grumpy and less than kind. I started life as a dancer, moved on to choreographing, worked as a dance/movement therapist, then realized the wonders of a regular yoga practice. I am a realist - whether the glass is half full or half empty you are bound to spill its contents if you are wearing white (this is why I wear black so often). I am not an expert on yoga, life, or anything else for that matter. I do my best to keep my mind and my heart open every day (some days are better than others).
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